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Drive more value to your subscribers by providing caller intelligence that allows them to confidently answer or reject phone calls. Check out our next generation Caller ID solution.

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We have made it our mission to simplify the integration process for carriers regardless of equipment and protocols. Check out our assortment of interface options.

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World-class caller identification

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New Entrants
Authoritative data with an industry-leading 87% match rate for accurate caller name values Selective use of carrier-supplied values leading to accuracy issues Carrier-supplied results which yield a 50-60% match-rate and leave many calls unidentified
Non-NANP coverage with CNAM data for 190+ countries Case-By-Case None
Highest data quality at the lowest price-point in the industry High-cost and non-authoritative proprietary data High-cost and low match-rate
Complete connectivity to the SS7 network for Network CNAM Incomplete with selective network access SS7 connectivity with selective cost-based routing
White glove technical support. Answers in minutes, not days Limited knowledge of the CNAM ecosystem Outsourced or uninformed support; lack of urgency
Real-time data; >99.999% uptime; no maintenance windows Relies on static databases to achieve uptime requirements Standard legacy system uptimes with maintenance windows
REST, SOAP/XML, SIP, ENUM, SS7/SIGTRAN Limited selection of interfaces Limited selection of interfaces
Highest detection rate with lowest number of false positives Relies on user-supplied values which leads to false positives Limited sources leading to sparse coverage and false positives
First ever authoritative Toll-Free CNAM database with Somos
Ad hoc collection of marketing data and user-supplied data for Toll-Free name values Sparse support with ad hoc values based on marketing data and some carrier-supplied values

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Nuisance Call Detection

Nuisance Detection

OpenCNAM features Telo’s proprietary multi-signal nuisance call detection which in side-by-side testing has demonstrated the highest efficacy with the lowest false-positive rates of any solution available.

Nuisance Slider
Stop Nuisance Calls Carriers can easily set the scoring threshold and value displayed to alert subscribers to nuisance calls.

SHAKEN Verification

SHAKEN Verification

OpenCNAM provides telecommunications providers with a simple solution for SHAKEN verification to prevent call spoofing. OpenCNAM performs the verification as part of the CNAM query.

Toll-Free CNAM

Toll Free CNAM

Toll-Free numbers are showing up on subscriber telephones at an increasing rate. Businesses want their customers to recognize them when they call. Telo and Somos have partnered to form the first-ever Toll-Free CNAM database to provide that.

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