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Why Choose OpenCNAM

We believe that Caller ID should be available to telecom developers like you through an easy to use, RESTful API. Sign up should allow you to get instant access to the API. Integration and payments should be easy. Transaction reporting should be real-time and robust. Developers should be provided with the diagnostic tools they need. Worldwide coverage, rock-solid uptime and unparalleled accuracy should be at the core of the API. OpenCNAM delivers all of this to you while sparing you from a lengthy sales cycles and cumbersome minimum volume commitments. Telo is proud to offer you OpenCNAM, a truly comprehensive -- easy to integrate -- Caller ID Name solution, at an affordable price.

Choose the Standard service level if you only wish to integrate traditional network CNAM. Upgrade to the Plus service level if you want to provide the most complete coverage available to the industry. Our Carrier level, for high volume customers, can be customized to meet specific business requirements.


Service Level
  • Real network CNAM from the official telephone carrier repositories.

  • Sign up and try the API immediately for FREE!

  • Test the API and integrate it into your application.

  • Configure auto top-ups or make a one-time deposit through your control panel.

  • Enjoy affordable carrier-grade network CNAM!

  • No long sales cycles. Get started immediately.

  • No lengthy contracts or minimum volume commitments.

  • Attentive and responsive customer support for every account.

  • Choose from countless libraries and integrations featuring OpenCNAM.

  • Manage your account settings through a feature-rich customer control panel.


Service Level
  • The Most Complete North American Coverage Available
    OpenCNAM Plus extends the traditional CNAM network to provide reliable name coverage for carriers who normally do not have Caller ID values available, such as Google Voice or Verizon Wireless.
    Valuable Name Information For Toll-Free Phone Numbers
    While the traditional CNAM network does not support toll-free phone numbers, OpenCNAM Plus intelligently routes these queries to an expanded dataset so that you can receive accurate names for toll-free numbers as if they were standard DIDs.
    Caller ID For Nearly Every Country In The World
    Caller ID information is a valuable, and is now available world-wide! OpenCNAM Plus offers exceptional international caller name coverage for 229 countries.
  • Enable Plus from your control panel by setting the “Service Level” to Plus.

  • A small charge of $0.0009 per dip is added to your existing cost per query.

  • Greater name coverage and accuracy for people and businesses provides your customers with a clearer picture of who is contacting them.

  • Global reach with support for caller name in 229 countries allows you to provide Caller ID service to nearly every customer regardless of their location.

  • Coverage for North American Toll-Free phone numbers provides your customers with name information that no other Caller ID service offers.


Service Level
  • OpenCNAM powers the caller ID for a number of phone carriers. The Carrier service level is specifically tailored to each customer's exact requirements and comes standard with dedicated support. If your company requires service for volumes in excess of one million queries per month let us earn your business.

  • The Carrier level is a fully customized solution. Our specialists will work with your business to configure a custom data solution with volume specific pricing. Your requirements and budget will be used to determine the best possible solution. Our skilled engineers, business operations and support team will ensure that your solution is the best product available at the a competitive price.

  • Simply put, Telo’s OpenCNAM Carrier level provides a highly customized complete solution that is easy to integrate and competitively priced. The Carrier service level can provide better North American coverage, toll free caller ID support and global reach with volume discounts available. Experience unparalleled ease of integration, white glove technical support and unmatched API performance.