Each year, businesses squander $1 trillion (yes, 1 trillion dollars) due to lost sales productivity and wasted marketing budget, according to The B2B Lead. Now, if you’re a ten-person small business, you’re probably not approaching six figures in lost productivity. But just because you’re not a Fortune 500 company doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take a closer look at your sales team’s productivity—and how not having caller ID might be hindering it.

Consider this: 71 percent of sales rep say they spend too much time on data entry, according to Toutapp, and just 56 percent of businesses validate leads before sending them to a sales department, Marketing Sherpa reports.

Valuable time wasted on dead-end phone calls.

All too frequently sales reps, especially reps in smaller departments without support staff, spend considerable time manually logging their interactions and pursuing ghost callers that no team member (or technology) was able to vet before handing off to sales.

Forget about a person to log customer information or filter calls, though. Today we have an API, OpenCNAM Plus, that allows us to see who’s calling our business and automatically port that information into a CRM, where it can be stored and used to facilitate repeat interactions (and hopefully conversions) further down the sales funnel.

This is where OpenCNAM Plus shines.

OpenCNAM Plus can help sales organizations in other ways, too. First, it’s able to produce an accurate name on up to 87 percent of calls in the NANP dialing plan (other providers are able to deliver a name on just 51 percent of calls) and 51 percent of the numbers outside of the NANP plan (e.g. mobile and VoIP numbers). OpenCNAM Plus is able to accomplish this by querying both the phone number’s authoritative CNAM repository and highly reliable non-telecom sources, helping to boost the likelihood that accurate caller data can be recalled.

For enterprises, this means that a missed call doesn’t have to be a ghost call, and that your sales team is able to tell the difference between a missed call from a spam number and a missed call from an important client. Accurate caller information also allows your sales team to personalize its phone interactions. You probably prefer the phone to email because of the level of intimacy it offers, so it makes sense that you wouldn’t want to answer a call not knowing who’s on the other end of it and have to improvise from there.

Finally, OpenCNAM offers businesses and their customers the most crucial link in any transaction: security. Financial institutions lose $7 million to $15 million every year due to call center fraud, Pindrop reports, and Americans as a whole typically lose billions of dollars every year to a variety of phone scams—which are varied and complex as the day is long. By querying cell phone providers and reliable third-party databases, OpenCNAM presents businesses with the caller’s identity, helping to ensure that your business doesn’t fall prey to a scammer and that your sales team doesn’t spend precious time confirming a caller’s identity. Trust us: Your time is better spent converting your customers, not verifying them. Let us help you be more productive, customer-friendly, and secure.

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