There’s more to CNAM vendors than what meets the eye.

In fact, you might be surprised to learn that many industry players aren’t providing true CNAM at all, instead reselling decades-old telemarketing lists. CNAM chicanery doesn’t stop there, however. Many vendors employ a wide variety of tricks to win your business, sticking you with an inefficient solution that’s draining your funds. Massive volume commitments, no service level agreements, and a rigid contracts are just a few examples of the tactics they’ll use.

Below, we’ll examine the four most important traits of a dedicated CNAM vendor—and explain why OpenCNAM is the only vendor that can give you all four.

1. Data Accuracy

A CNAM provider dangles instant access to millions of supposedly hard-to-find numbers in front of you—and at a reasonable rate. You’re floored. It’s more data than other competitors are offering, and you can start using it the same week.

Before you commit to a tempting offer like this, though, consider this: Not all CNAM data is reliable data—or even real CNAM, to be honest.

Frankly, many CNAM companies offer the equivalent of lipstick on a pig. We’re talking about reams of old, inaccurate telemarketing data that’s bought and resold before it winds up with a CNAM company that weaves it into their library without any disclaimer to the consumer.

Assuredly your customers aren’t after data that they can’t trust, so you’ll need a caller ID solution that cares about more than just the amount of caller data it has access to.

That’s where OpenCNAM and OpenCNAM Plus come in. We don’t deliver any call data that we haven’t vetted the source of. First, we query carrier data. Then, we complement those lists with data from more than 100 vendors worldwide — all of whom we’ve screened. The result is up to 87 percent name coverage in North America with OpenCNAM Plus—36 percent more coverage than other providers are able to offer. Plus, callers won’t be hung out to dry on international calls. OpenCNAM Plus is the first international carrier-grade caller ID API, delivering accurate caller data on mobile, toll free, and VoIP calls from 229.

On those calls, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality for quantity (or vice-versa), which is why we also offer volume-based reduced pricing without unmanageable volume commitments.

2. API Latency

Reliable caller info is one thing. Fast, reliable caller info is another, and trust us, they’re not always guaranteed.

Unfortunately, many caller ID providers today use shaky APIs and outdated systems that can’t keep up with a high volume of queries. That means slow recall that often drops out. When that occurs, businesses aren’t able to consistently screen their calls or know when an important client is calling.

Speed and dependability are paramount when it comes to implementing the right CNAM API, which is why OpenCNAM is designed with both in mind. OpenCNAM is a carrier-grade API, with responses being delivered in less than 700 milliseconds and 99.999 percent reliability.

3. Seamless Integration

Your IT team and engineers have enough work to do, so it stands to reason that they don’t need to spend hours of their valuable time integrating a caller ID API. Unfortunately, many commonly used CNAM APIs aren’t easily incorporated, nor are they instantly available. OpenCNAM, on the other hand, is designed to be the utilitarian CNAM solution, so carriers and users can essentially ‘plug and play.’ Not only is OpenCNAM instantly accessible, it also can be quickly and easily integrated using HTTP, ENUM, SS7, or SIGTRAN. Most importantly, when you receive instant access, you won’t be tied down to inconvenient and expensive contract commitment. At OpenCNAM, we don’t believe in trap contracts, rigid terms, call volume floors, or long sales cycles.

4. Support and Transparency

A CNAM vendor shouldn’t sell you a product and disappear. Many CNAM APIs, unfortunately, offer no support or service level agreement. When problems arise in a scenario like this, you’re stuck with the wrong solution and on-the-hook for significant money.

OpenCNAM, on the other hand, offers a wealth of product material for every foreseeable snag and dedicated, professional support to help any customer implement the best solution. We also provide a clear SLA, so all users know what to expect and can easily measure the effectiveness of OpenCNAM Plus.

The Takeaway:

Price isn’t the only factor to consider when selecting a CNAM vendor. While a vendor may seem inexpensive, you need to look beneath the surface at the validity of the data you’re receiving and the obligations you’re agreeing to. You also need factor the integration process and the level of support you’ll receive once you’re using the API. OpenCNAM is the only CNAM vendor that offers international-grade caller ID as well as full support, instant access, no long-term contracts, and no volume floor.

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