OpenCNAM now supports IP authentication. By whitelisting IP addresses, customers no longer have to pass their SID and Auth Token in the query string in order to make authenticated requests.

How IP Authentication with OpenCNAM Works

Getting started with IP authentication is easy. First, login to your customer control panel and navigation to 'Manage Account'. In order to enable this feature you will need to click on the 'Advanced Authentication Options' link under 'Account Authentication'. Now you will see an expanded authentication section that will allow you to add IP addresses that you wish to whitelist for API requests. Once you have added an IP address(es), any valid requests made from these whitelisted IP address will be processed and debited from your account without requiring your SID and Auth Token for authentication.

A Few Use Cases for IP Authentication

An industry-standard approach for supplemental queries is a SIP re-direct. The IP authentication feature offered by OpenCNAM now makes that possible for service providers, wholesalers and application service providers. SIP re-direct is also a method that also works well with OpenSER-descended family of high-performance open source SIP proxies such as Kamamlio and OpenSIPS.

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