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Telo and Partners Bring Subscribers Caller ID for Official COVID-19 Toll-Free Numbers

Results Center as Caller ID

In response to a request by the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Telo is working with Somos and First Orion to support the US government’s efforts to address the novel Coronavirus pandemic. When calls originate from specified government-run toll-free hotlines, including the initial phone lines for COVID-19 test results (“Results Center”), they will be identified with name information displayed on the telephone, across hundreds of telephone carriers, increasing the answer rate of important calls by consumers.

Telo, which serves hundreds of telephone carriers throughout North America via OpenCNAM, will be delivering real-time caller information collected by Somos through the TFN Identity platform. First Orion, who also provides CNAM services to carriers, including several of the largest mobile operators in the US, is delivering results from Telo’s OpenCNAM platform which provides TFN Identity platform’s authoritative Toll-Free CNAM results.

For additional information, please see the official press release HERE.

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