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Telo Enables Calling Name Capabilities through OpenCNAM for 10x People

SAN JUAN, PR - Telo continues to expand its offering by partnering with 10X People to deliver OpenCNAM-enabled services. This comes by way of an integration of OpenCNAM services with 10x People’s nView telephone number lookup and reporting service. With this integration, nView is now providing access to a feature unavailable from competitor offerings: Calling Name (CNAM) updates and soon to access, Nuisance Score.

By extending capabilities with OpenCNAM, nView customers are now able to update CNAM and query current CNAM records along with downloading historical data. These features are accessible through nView, which makes troubleshooting CNAM support requests simple.

“Telo is thrilled to be working with 10XPeople in a continued effort to improve technologies that empower carriers to easily and effectively streamline their workflow,” noted Brent James, COO of Telo. “The addition of CNAM update features continues nView’s leadership for viewing vital numbering data.”

Lisa Marie Maxson, CEO of 10x People commented on the announcement adding, “Working with our partner Telo and integrating their OpenCNAM features, nView is now able to provide a streamlined process for our customers to update Calling Name information and access Nuisance Score data.

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Telo is a leader in delivering trusted communications solutions to carrier and enterprise customers. Telo supplies the most reliable systems worldwide with information rooted in authoritative and extensive telecommunication data, augmented by learning algorithms and intelligently vetted, trusted data. With a team composed of experts in telecommunications and technology, Telo continues to redefine what it means to be a data partner by continuously delivering innovative value-added services. To learn more about Telo, visit www.telo.com.

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