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OpenCNAM Caller ID Integration for Sonus

Are you a Sonus admin that is looking to upgrade your CNAM? This guide shows you how to configure OpenCNAM's advanced Caller ID on your Sonus SBC using our ENUM interface in just a few minutes!

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Integrate OpenCNAM with Trixbox

Looking to add CNAM to Trixbox? We have an easy to use guide for integrating OpenCNAM with Trixbox.

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OpenCNAM Integration for Kamailio Made Simple

Are you a Kamailio user that wants to add advanced CNAM to your inbound phone calls? We've made an integration guide just for you!

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Paying for Network CNAM, But Getting Something Else Instead?

Not everything touted as CNAM is actually network CNAM. Providing real network CNAM requires relationships and connectivity to all the authoritative SNCCs that store carrier supplied values associated with each telephone number. Traditional network CNAM also means that, when there is a value stored by the carrier which provides the service for that phone number, the SNCC storing the name value is queried in real-time. At times this may vary in terms of price per query, because each authoritative database storing the CNAM values have different contractual arrangements with each provider.

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IP Authentication Now Available for OpenCNAM

OpenCNAM now supports IP authentication. By whitelisting IP addresses, customers no longer have to pass their SID and Auth Token in the query string in order to make authenticated requests.

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4 key factors to consider when choosing a CNAM vendor

There’s more to CNAM vendors than what meets the eye. In fact, you might be surprised to learn that many industry players aren’t providing true CNAM at all, instead reselling decades-old telemarketing lists. CNAM chicanery doesn’t stop there, however. Many vendors employ a wide variety of tricks to win your business, sticking you with an inefficient solution that’s draining your funds. Massive volume commitments, no service level agreements, and a rigid contracts are just a few examples of the tactics they’ll use.

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Security, productivity, and personalization: How caller ID helps businesses stick to their core competencies

Each year, businesses squander $1 trillion (yes, 1 trillion dollars) due to lost sales productivity and wasted marketing budget, according to The B2B Lead. Now, if you’re a ten-person small business, you’re probably not approaching six figures in lost productivity. But just because you’re not a Fortune 500 company doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take a closer look at your sales team’s productivity—and how not having caller ID might be hindering it.

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Cutting the cord: How wireless and VoIP calls require Caller ID to step its game up

These days, we use pretty much everything but a landline to make phone calls. A lot of us — around seven billion people — use mobile phones to do so. Another billion, you might be surprised to learn, make calls through VoIP services like Vonage and Skype (Google Hangouts’ user data is tough to pin down, but eight percent of Internet users aged 25-34 use the service’s VoIP component, so we can assume it too has millions of users). Then, last but not least, we utilize messaging apps like WhatsApp that have expanded to offer voice calls. That represents another billion (yes, a billion) users.

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