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Paying for Network CNAM, But Getting Something Else Instead?

Not everything touted as CNAM is actually network CNAM. Providing real network CNAM requires relationships and connectivity to all the authoritative SNCCs that store carrier supplied values associated with each telephone number. Traditional network CNAM also means that, when there is a value stored by the carrier which provides the service for that phone number, the SNCC storing the name value is queried in real-time. At times this may vary in terms of price per query, because each authoritative database storing the CNAM values have different contractual arrangements with each provider.

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Caller ID: The competitive advantage carriers can’t afford to ignore

Phone companies aren’t winning the battle of public opinion. Today, major service providers are regularly panned and grouped together with unpopular cable companies and banks.

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The Caller ID product is advanced. Everything else is simple.