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Integration Guide for OpenCNAM and FreePBX

Are you a FreePBX user that wants to add CNAM to your inbound phone calls? It's very easy to do. We've prepared a quick start guide to get you up in running in minutes.

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The history of Caller ID and its future: OpenCNAM

These days, we use pretty much everything but a landline to make phone calls. A lot of us — around seven billion people — use mobile phones to do so. Another billion, you might be surprised to learn, make calls through VoIP services like Vonage and Skype (Google Hangouts’ user data is tough to pin down, but eight percent of Internet users aged 25-34 use the service’s VoIP component, so we can assume it too has millions of users). Then, last but not least, we utilize messaging apps like WhatsApp that have expanded to offer voice calls. That represents another billion (yes, a billion) users.

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The Caller ID product is advanced. Everything else is simple.