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OpenCNAM has several interfaces available through which customers may perform CNAM queries. This document details the system and method for querying OpenCNAM over ENUM. ENUM is an industry standard methodology for mapping telephone numbers to additional pieces of identifying data or services. For our purposes, we use ENUM to map phone numbers to CNAM values. ENUM requests are made using the DNS protocol and adhere to the NAPTR format for DNS Records. Although TCP is supported, the most common transport protocol for ENUM is UDP. UDP presents several security challenges, and although not required, we recommend customers connect directly to one or more of our datacenters over a VPN. Detailed configuration files and a Telo engineer will be made available to your organization once you are ready to begin the integration.

Support / Assistance

We are happy to assist with your integration. Our team can be reached in any of the following ways:

Phone: +1-888-315-8356 (TELO) or +1-678-631-8356 (TELO)
Email: support@opencnam.com

The Caller ID product is advanced. Everything else is simple.