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FreeSWITCH Integration Guide

FreeSWITCH Integration Guide


OpenCNAM has several interfaces available through which customers may perform CNAM queries. This document details the system and method for querying OpenCNAM using a RESTful API and provides integration instructions for FreeSwitch. FreeSWITCH has a module named CID Lookup. We will leverage this module to connect it to the OpenCNAM endpoint and pull the Caller ID information inline with the call as it comes in.

Support / Assistance

We are happy to assist with your integration. Our team can be reached in any of the following ways:

Phone: +1-888-315-8356 (TELO) or +1-678-631-8356 (TELO)
Email: support@opencnam.com

The Caller ID product is advanced. Everything else is simple.