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OpenCNAM provides several data channels through which customers can query its Caller ID Name (CNAM) lookup products. One of these is the SIP interface, which uses SIP redirect messages to convey caller identity. The purpose of this guide is to provide users of the Kamailio SIP proxy/server with specific instructions on how to consume the OpenCNAM SIP interface using its programmatic configuration script. This document presumes prior familiarity with the OpenCNAM SIP interface. If you are not familiar with how the OpenCNAM SIP interface works or with SIP redirect messages, consult the “OpenCNAM Integration with SIP Interface” guide for the appropriate background information. In the interest of brevity, this document will concern itself with topics specific to Kamailio implementation only.

Support / Assistance

We are happy to assist with your integration. Our team can be reached in any of the following ways:

Phone: +1-888-315-8356 (TELO) or +1-678-631-8356 (TELO)
Email: support@opencnam.com

The Caller ID product is advanced. Everything else is simple.