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SIP Redirect Integration Guide



OpenCNAM provides several data channels through which customers can query its Caller ID Name lookup services. One of these is the SIP redirect-based query interface. In this scenario, the customer sends a SIP INVITE to OpenCNAM, and OpenCNAM returns a SIP redirect containing the calling party name. The network element issuing the query, such as a session border controller (SBC), a convergent softswitch, a SIP proxy, etc., is configured by the customer to extract this value and populate it into the appropriate display field(s). The call is then sent onward to its final destination(s) with the calling party name value provided by OpenCNAM incorporated into the SIP message. SIP redirect is an industry-standard approach to supplemental data queries, but effectively interfacing with OpenCNAM this way requires some technical work. This query interface is most appropriate for service providers, wholesalers, application service providers, and other actors who have industrial SIP equipment capable of consuming values in SIP redirects in a flexible, operator-defined manner. It also works well with the OpenSER-descended family of high-performance open-source SIP proxies (Kamailio and OpenSIPS).

Sansay switching devices can leverage this interface for CNAM delivery.

Support / Assistance

We are happy to assist with your integration. Our team can be reached in any of the following ways:

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Email: support@opencnam.com

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