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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I change the name that is displayed when I call someone?

Official CNAM values can only be changed by your telephone service provider or carrier. The best way to do this is to contact your carrier. They will have a method for updating this value. Once your carrier updates your CNAM value with the authoritative repository, the traditional CNAM network will start returning the new value. 

If you have requested a CNAM change with your carrier, and have not seen that change reflected through our service within 72 business hours of the request, you may contact our support team for additional assistance. If your name is being displayed by a service such as a smartphone app, or your carrier is not able to assist you, our support team will attempt to assist you. Telo does not control data or data services provided by other companies, and cannot ensure your name is not displayed by those providers. If your name is being displayed as a result of our storage and delivery services, you may opt-out by contacting our support team and submitting a request. 

To reach our support team please email support@opencnam.com or call 1-888-315-TELO and select option 2 for support.

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