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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ OpenCNAM Basics

What are the OpenCNAM service levels?

Plus augments the traditional CNAM network with high quality, reliable, non-telecom name sources for carriers that do not support CNAM. Plus combines the best of two caller name worlds, with real-time CNAM dips for carriers who support it and coverage from non-traditional sources for carriers who do not support CNAM. The Plus service level delivers unparalleled coverage and is optimized for accuracy.

Standard provides a response that delivers pure network CNAM from the authoritative telephone carrier repositories for every query.

Value is similar to Plus in that it provides coverage for traditional coverage gaps in network CNAM, and is also capable of delivering name values for telephone numbers worldwide. The Value service level delivers excellent coverage and is optimized for cost.
To learn more about the different service levels compare each of them on the Pricing page.

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