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Delivery and Storage

Network CNAM is highly accurate which is why we deliver carrier-supplied name values whenever there is one available. This serves as OpenCNAM’s foundation which is then carefully augmented with high-quality, non-network Caller Name data. The result is the best of both worlds.

  • Highest coverage in the industry for CNAM OpenCNAM has an 87% match-rate for CNAM in North America while incumbents are limited to 50-60%
  • The carrier's data partner for CNAM Storage Telo compensates carrier partners each time their records are accessed by other carriers through CNAM queries
  • Integration and administration made as simple as it gets Turn-Key integration guides for nearly every interface and platform as well as easy to operate account administration

Nuisance Call Detection

Telo’s nuisance call detection utilizes a diverse set of signals derived from a comprehensive group of high-quality data sources in order to identify unwanted calls without flagging legitimate calls incorrectly.

  • Identify spam calls without mislabeling the good calls Telo returns lowest number of false positives while identifying the most nuisance calls compared to existing solutions
  • An engine that uses a wide breadth of real-time data Telo uses a number of sources across a wide range of data types including honeypots, network data, and user-supplied feedback to formulate scores
  • Just turn it on, configure two settings, and fight spam! Nuisance Call Detection can be enabled at any time. In the web control panel or via the API with two settings: scoring threshold and desired nuisance label

SHAKEN Verification

Calling... N P A_NXX_XXXX Incoming Calling N P A_NXX_XXXX T erminating Carrier Originating Carrier End Call Ans w er Decline 1 Subscriber initiates a phone call 2 Originating carrier creates SHAKEN cryptographic signature 3 Originating carrier submits SHAKEN identity to the terminating carrier 4 T erminating carrier submits SHAKEN p a yload to OpenCNAM f or v erification 5 T erminating carrier handles the call based on v erification

SHAKEN-enabled phone calls include an access token in the call header. OpenCNAM’s SHAKEN Verification service can easily verify the access token and at the same time perform the CNAM query and nuisance detection. So, in one query, OpenCNAM can return any attestation in addition to identifying the caller.

  • Trusted communications simplified to a single query SHAKEN Verification is available as part of your CNAM and nuisance call detection service
  • Allow your subscribers to trust their phones again Verified telephone numbers have been authenticated by the originating carrier which makes Caller ID more powerful
  • ATIS member and industry partner Telo participates in ATIS and has partnered with various service providers to offer carriers a complete solution

Toll-Free CNAM

Telo has partnered with Somos to provide a solution to a problem that no existing solution has been able to adequately solve -- launching the first ever authoritative database of Toll-Free CNAM records.

  • Authoritative TFN name data is finally available to carriers Carriers and communications providers can easily access this data at steep discounts -- RespOrgs will receive compensation for maintaining this data
  • Businesses can finally create a crucial brand impression Businesses invested a lot in advertising, so it is critical that subscribers intuitively associate their calls with the brand
  • Another way Telo enables the carrier to restore trust The industry’s first and only authoritative toll-free identification solution

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